Best Tools to Have in Your Toolbox at Home

Best Tools to Have in Your Toolbox at Home


Whether you need to put some furniture together, install a light fixture, or fix a broken bike, the tools you have at home allow you to create a successful outcome.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that only stodgy old fathers have toolboxes in their garage to use. Young men and women should have these items available at home, even if you rent or have roommates, so that you can handle a potential emergency.

Your Go-To List of Tool Essentials

1. Claw Hammer

You’ll use this tool for almost everything. Invest in a 16-ounce model to get the best results. It’ll be heavy enough to pound in some nails or take them out without going overboard with the work. If you have some extra cash, consider purchasing this tool with a synthetic handle so that it will have a longer life. 

2. Flathead Screwdriver

Even though you could use a quarter in a pinch, this tool, in a variety of sizes, will come in handy at home. You don’t have to use it for managing screws alone; it also serves as a prying device, a scraper, and a lever.

3. Philips Screwdriver

Most screws today have gone away from the flathead design to offer a four-point contact. That’s why you’ll want this tool in your toolbox. Its cross-shaped sections do fast work out of the different installations or repairs you might need to make.

4. Crescent Wrench

You can encounter nuts and bolts of various sizes all over your house. When you have this tool available, it’s like having three dozen wrenches in one investment. The sliding jaw moves back and forth to give you a secure grip on whatever you’re working on, with the adjustments placed toward the rotation to reduce backlash problems.

5. Locking Pliers

Often called “Vise Grips,” this tool Provides another set of hands when you don’t have any helpers around. You can use them as a traditional pliers, but it also serves as a pipe wrench, a ratchet, and even a clamp. Since they come in various sizes, it’s good to have 3-4 different options available in your toolbox.

6. Cordless Drill

If you can only afford one power tool, make sure that this one is in your toolbox. It will help you make short work of numerous chores with the bit variety you can secure for it. Most people use it for flathead or Philips head screws, but it can also work with sockets, hex drivers, drill bits, and much more.

7. Level

A small level can help you hang pictures accurately, avoid crooked installations, or set flagstone appropriately. If you don’t have room in your toolbox, several apps can take the place of this option in a pinch. 

Don’t waste your money on cheap tools. They’ll break sooner rather than later, which means you’ll end up paying more over the long run than they would if you invest it in something decent. Instead of shopping at discount stores, look to the proven brands with a history of long-term service to fill up your toolbox.

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