How to Cut Your Grocery Bill By 50% or More

How to Cut Your Grocery Bill By 50% or More


Do you remember the era of extreme couponing? In a nutshell, this approach to grocery shopping works to maximize the discounts received at the register by finding and using as many coupons as possible. 

Before people started doubling and tripling coupon use for individual items, grocery stores used to allow stacking and double discounts. To prevent massive discounts today, these policies have often shifted to a one coupon per item rule.

That doesn’t mean you can’t cut your grocery bills by 50% or more right now. You just need to take your efforts to the next level.

Here are some ideas to help you start saving some money on this necessary expense. 

Best Ways to Trim Your Grocery Bill

1. Shop late at night or early in the morning.

The time you select should be reflective of when your grocery store does its restocking. You’ll find the best deals on yesterday’s products when the new stuff hits the shelves. If you are unsure of when this turnover occurs, just ask one of the employees where you like to shop. They’ll let you know when to stop by for the best deals.

2. Ask about sell-by date items.

Grocery stores must sell items by a specific date. If the thing expires, the options to turn a profit become somewhat limited. Most businesses choose to donate foods that are still good to nonprofit organizations to cut their losses. Asking about the items that must be sold on that day can help you save significantly on your food expenses. When you get these items home, be sure to freeze them right away.

Dairy products are an exception to this rule. Unless you can consume an entire gallon of milk as a family, it is better to buy fresh products.

3. Add coupons to store specials.

Although some grocery stores will not allow you to take this step, some businesses will let you add coupons to whatever store specials are happening. If you can take advantage of this offer, it is not unusual to find items that are more than 50% off. When you see these opportunities, try to maximize them by purchasing up to the allowable limit.

4. Download the loyalty program app from your grocery store.

Today, most grocery stores offer a loyalty program where you can automatically take advantage of all of the allowable coupons for the week. You might not even need to add specific products to your shopping cart to save money this way! Stores like Safeway often provide free items to shoppers that you can find on the shelf as a way to extend your grocery budget.

5. Buy in bulk.

When you buy items in larger quantities, the per-unit price becomes cheaper. If you have foods that your family regularly eats, consider stocking up on them when discounts are available to reduce your overall costs significantly.

You might also consider paying for your groceries with a credit card offering cash back on food purchases. With rewards sometimes reaching 6%, the savings can start adding up right away. 

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