Best Recipes Using Staple Ingredients

Best Recipes Using Staple Ingredients


If you find yourself at home during another COVID-19 lockdown, there is more time for making a homecooked meal.

Instead of using prepackaged items and your microwave, now is the perfect time to put your cooking and baking skills to use. Several tasty meals are possible when you have some essential ingredients in your pantry. 

We get accustomed to having a lot of variety in our lives. Switching to staple ingredients can shock the system, but these recipes can help you start feeling better.

Here are some ways to make fast meals using what you’ve already got.

Best Meals to Make with Pantry Staples

1. Chickpea Recipes

Canned chickpeas are not the first thing that people purchase during a panicked shopping spree. That’s why they should become a pantry staple for your home. You can eat them straight from the can, turn them into hummus, add them into soups, or put them into a stew. When you spread them out on a baking sheet with a little olive oil, they even roast into a crispy snack. 

2. Black Beans

Canned black beans can go into almost anything. One of the easiest meals you can make will involve ground chicken (panic shoppers buy ground beef), some chili powder, a can of tomato sauce, and a can of black beans. After cooking the poultry, mix them all together to make a tasty sandwich. You can also add this ingredient to chili, salads, or enchiladas.

3. Fresh Pasta

Dried pasta tends to be one of the first things that people purchase when they expect to be stuck at home for some time. Instead of relying on a box, consider making your own from scratch. All you need is some eggs, your preferred flour, and a little olive oil. If you make it the traditional way, place the dry ingredients on a flat counter with a well in the middle. Place the wet ingredients in there, and then mix by hand. 

Once you have a dough, roll it flat with a rolling pin. You might consider investing in a pasta maker to make the final step more comfortable. When it is the correct thickness, cut it into strips to make your preferred dish. Fresh pasta only takes a couple of minutes to cook in boiling water.

4. Dried Lentils

When the protein shelves are empty, consider making a run through the bulk, dry ingredients. Lentils are another pantry item that often gets overlooked during panic buying. If you have recipes for slow cookers, such as beef stew or potato soup, consider adding the red or yellow variety for an extra pop of protein. If you want to make a simple soup, cube some ham and boil it with green types and your favorite spices.

Although it can be frustrating to see your favorite foods gone from your local grocery store, a little ingenuity with some pantry staples can create some new favorites. What are some of your best dishes made during 2020? 

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