Is a PlayStation 5 Worth the Investment?

Is a PlayStation 5 Worth the Investment?


The excitement for the PlayStation 5 is palpable globally. Stores are selling out of this gaming console in seconds.

It may be spring 2021 before there is enough supply to have the console available on store shelves. Until then, the individuals who are lucky enough to get a pre-order or have their transactions go through online for the retailers that had some stock are selling the PS5 at a healthy profit margin. 

Some PlayStation 5 systems are being offered on eBay for almost $2,000. If you prefer the digital console that comes without a disk input, those items are averaging $950 on the auction website before Black Friday. 

Even at the $399 or $499 price points, is it worthwhile to spend that much money on a PlayStation 5? 

The PS5 Almost Feels Like a Luxury Item

To put the PS5 popularity in perspective, Sony announced that it sold as many units in the 12 hours after its official release as it did PS4 consoles in the past 12 weeks. That’s why it is almost impossible to get your hands on one at the retail price. 

Sony lives up to the reputation it created for the PS5 over 2020. This next-gen console does an excellent job of taking gaming activities to the next level.

If you want to get the most out of the system, you want to own a 4K television. It should have hardware compatibility and a high refresh rate to maximize the gaming experience. Although the PS5 looks fantastic on any modern TV, you won’t get the sharpness and smoothness without those additional features. 

Gamers get to take advantage of backward compatibility with the PS4, which was not an option initially available on the previous generation. You will need to purchase a PS5 controller to play the games on the system, which means you’ll need to spend another $70 on another one if you want local multiplayer opportunities. 

It’s the PS5’s Design That Makes It Stand Out

Sony went far away from its typical designs for its consoles since the PlayStation 2. The new console is now a curved box, standing almost 16 inches high, with a system that can’t be missed when you walk into a room.

The gaming console is also surprisingly heavy. It weighs approximately 14 pounds, which means some gamers may need to make a few adjustments to their setup. 

Although some people are upgrading to the PS5 because of how it looks, it is the games that are drawing the most attention. Sony wants the playing experience to stand out for the casual gamer. 

They’ve made it much easier to interact with your friends when playing online. Instead of creating a separate streaming area with additional equipment, you can run everything through their gaming console with little difficulty. 

With access to almost every game in the PS4 library, new titles on the horizon, and an immersive gameplay experience, the PS5 is worth the investment. It just might take some time for you to buy one. 

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