Can Voting Machines Lose Millions of Votes?

Can Voting Machines Lose Millions of Votes?


After the 2020 presidential election, the Trump administration filed several lawsuits across the country alleging that inappropriate votes were tallied in favor of Joe Biden. One of the claims is that voting machine irregularities improperly switched votes from Donald Trump to Biden.

Is it possible for a voting machine to lose millions of votes for a candidate because its programming makes an unwanted change?

Dominion Stands Accused of Deleting 2.7 Million Votes

Although the idea of losing almost 3 million votes is incredible, what is even more extraordinary about the 2020 election is that a 5.4 million-vote swing would not eliminate the gap that Joe Biden has over Donald Trump.

Dominion Voting Systems Is the company at the heart of the lawsuits made by the Trump administration. The accusations range from inappropriate influence to outright vote deletion. 

Is there any evidence to suggest that these events happened? 

Trump makes these claims based on reporting from OANN. The article in question from this network refers to an unaudited analysis of data obtained from an election monitoring group. 

The report mentions Edison Research as the author of the story at the heart of the reporting. Larry Rosin, who serves as the company’s president, says that no such documentation exists. He went even further to say that they have not found any evidence of extensive voter fraud.

When confronted about the report by other news organizations, OANN did not provide evidence to back up its claim. 

Fox News Says That the Battleground States Flipped Votes

The controversy surrounding Dominion Voting Systems It doesn’t stop there. In reporting from Sean Hannity on Fox News, he says that the equipment flipped votes in the key battleground states so that Biden would have enough to win. 

This report looks at problems in one specific County in Michigan where the equipment was used. The suggestion from Hannity is that because there was one problem discovered, it could be a statewide issue. 

Michigan’s Secretary of State weighed in on the Fox News report, stating that it wasn’t a software error that caused the tabulation problem. The County clerk first failed to configure the reporting function on the machine correctly, making the initial results incorrect. It first recorded a local win for Biden by 3,000 votes, but Trump won the county by 2,500 votes after a recount.

Although Conservatives point out links to the Clintons and Nancy Pelosi, those contacts come from lobbying efforts that many large companies attempt. The Clinton Foundation said that they have never been involved in corporate operations for the voting machine producer, nor are they currently working together. 

Dominion Voting Systems Release the straightforward statement that says any claims about the company deleting or switching the votes are 100% false.

Those statements may not be enough for Donald trump’s supporters to accept the election results. 

How do you feel about the circumstances? Do you believe the voting machines can lose millions of votes in an attempt to swing the U.S. election?

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