Easy Ways to Care for Yourself During the Next COVID-19 Surge

Easy Ways to Care for Yourself During the Next COVID-19 Surge


With the winter COVID-19 surge impacting most countries globally, many governments are reinstituting the lockdown policies that were initially enacted in March 2020. 

That means more people are staying at home. Employees are being asked to telecommute whenever possible, and restaurants are forced to do curbside or delivery only. Most indoor activities during these lockdown situations are either forbidden or offered at a dramatically lower capacity.

When you face all of this uncertainty, it can be hard to remember to take care of yourself. Here are some ideas that can let you put your needs first so that you can stay healthy.

How to Care for Yourself During Lockdowns and Quarantines

1. Keep in touch with your family and friends.

It is crucial to schedule video calls with family and friends when you cannot be with them personally. Although it isn’t quite the same as having the people you love in the same room with you, it’s the next best thing. 

2. Disconnect from the online chatter.

Everyone has an opinion about everything today. People are seeking echo chambers because they provide a sense of community and comfort. If you disagree with a specific point of view, the cancel culture can be intense. Removing yourself from these situations can be highly beneficial to mental health.

3. Keep your home as clean and organized as possible.

If you have some free time because you are stuck at home without professional responsibilities, you have an excellent chance to catch up on your cleaning chores. If you have a list of repairs that needs attention, now is a great time to address those issues. When you can stay organized, you will feel healthier and more energetic. 

4. Take some time for deep breathing and meditation.

When chaos is happening all around you, it can feel like you’ve lost control over your life. Instead of worrying about what the future holds, or your perceived mistakes from the past, allow yourself to stay in this present moment. Take a few deep breaths, select a focus point to fixate your mind, and redirect your thoughts towards something positive.

5. Pursue a new hobby.

If you spend your time in lockdown watching television or movies, it can feel like you’ve wasted an entire day. When you start a new hobby or pursue one you love, you’re creating productive moments while embracing your imagination’s energy. Painting, coloring, drawing, cooking, photography, or anything else that speaks to you is an excellent activity to try. 

6. Pick up a new book to read.

When you allow your mind to picture the events in a story, your brain leaves the coronavirus world for a little while. These moments can help you to relax without worrying about what tomorrow might bring. Try having a glass of your favorite juice or a fruit smoothie to simultaneously ensure you get a vitamin boost.

It is also crucial for you to get outside at least once per day. When you get about 15 minutes of sunshine on your skin, you’ll get your daily recommended value of vitamin D. This essential nutrient could be a critical part of your recovery process. 

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