Is Now the Right Time to Buy an Electric Vehicle?

Is Now the Right Time to Buy an Electric Vehicle?


If your family is in the market for a new automobile right now, it might be the perfect time to consider buying an electric vehicle. 

An EV Provides several advantages that are worth considering if you are used to managing a vehicle powered by gasoline. Not only could it be cheaper over the lifetime of the car, but it can also help you stay on the road safely. 

One of Tesla’s EV models earned a 5.4 out of 5.0 rating when tested for safety. It’s by far the best rating produced by modern automakers.

Are you ready to explore what the advantages of an EV could be for your family? 

List of the Benefits of Owning an EV

1. Electric vehicles require less maintenance.

When you own a car with a gasoline engine, you need to get your oil changed periodically to ensure everything keeps running smoothly. Electric vehicles don’t require that service. You also get to skip the other standard repairs and maintenance associated with the traditional technologies. 

Electric vehicles are usually easier on your brakes, which means changing your pads less often as well.

2. Electric vehicles are quieter when driving.

Gasoline engines are notoriously noisy when you have them operating at a high RPM. Although some people love that sound, it can be hard on your hearing. When you drive in an electric vehicle, the technology is so quiet that it seems like the car isn’t even running at times. It is such a disconcerting change to some drivers that the 2019 Jaguar i-Pace adds artificial engine noises to replicate the classic driving experience.

3. Electric vehicles often qualify for tax credits.

If you purchase an electric car today, you might qualify for state and federal tax benefits with this investment. Although an EV can cost considerably more than a hybrid or a traditional automobile, the lower maintenance costs and potential credits help to even out the financial score. Some drivers may qualify for up to $7,500 in benefits with this advantage.

4. Electric vehicles may have highway lanes to use.

The HOV lane in big cities can be a significant time-saver for commuters who carpool. Some urban municipalities have extended this benefit to electric vehicles. You might even receive a specific lane designated for EV use only. When you add the value of the time you save reaching your destination, this investment for many families is one that makes sense.

5. Electric vehicles have access to more charging stations than ever before.

Most drivers can manage their EVs by having a charging station at home and at work. If you take the electric vehicle for a drive, many shopping centers have installed stations to let you recharge while running your errands. Some gas stations even offer fast-charge refills that can get you back on the road in under 10 minutes.

If you have always wondered about the benefits of EV ownership, now is the perfect time to explore this option. Speak with your local dealership today to see what deals could be available in your area.

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